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Nancy K. Best

Dennis J. Grindinger

Vice Presidents
Megan D. Burkhart
Beth Ewing
Joe R. Flores
Julie P. Forrester Rogers
Ashlee Hunt Kleinert
Willis Johnson
Jay McAuley
Carolyn L. Miller
​Gail O. Turner
For thirty five years, Shelter Ministries of Dallas has been providing programs and services free of charge to those in need at no cost to Dallas County tax payers.

Shelter Ministries includes Austin Street Center and Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support, whose goals are to shelter the homeless and victims of domestic violence, provide compassionate counseling through a ministry of caring and enable responsible choices and positive life changes.
About Shelter Ministries
Contact Us
PO Box 151085
Dallas, TX 75315
Phone: (214) 421-1100
Fax: (214) 421-1109

Administrative Office Hours: 
Monday - Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM

Austin Street Center: (214) 428-4242
Genesis Women's Shelter: (214) 389-7700
Board of Directors
David M. Rosenberg

Frank Mihalopoulos

Genesis Women's Shelter & Support
Chief Executive Officer
Jan Langbein

Austin Street Center
Chief Executive Officer
Daniel Roby